Storytelling is the reason I started doing photography: to capture hidden moments, to show people things they've never seen before. This is what speaks to me.

I want our shoots to be experiential. I want them to be relaxing, without worrying whether hair is out of place or wardrobe is on point. I want to real moments and emotions…even if they seem random or aren’t perfectly in-focus. I want LESS polish, and MORE raw. I want to show up, peek inside your lives, and show the world what it’s truly like. Even if it’s not glamorous or Pinterest-worthy (because we all know damn well real life isn't like that). Is it scary? Maybe. Is it worth it? YES. 

So if you want me to come over and take pics of your family snuggling in bed and reading stories on a Saturday morning, I’m down. Wanna do crafts? Make a bonfire and roast s'mores? Go for a boat ride? Play board games? Go to the skate park? Whatever it is, let’s do it...and get it all on camera, so you always remember how much fun it was. 

Storytelling sessions require some advance planning, so if you'd like one be sure to mention it when you contact us. Let's get real.