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Chelsea + Matt 4Eva {Brighton MI Engagement Photographer}
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
By Turtle Street Photography
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Things I feel you should know about this photo shoot:

1) Chelsea is my little baby cousin so that means I've known her for her entire life.

2) Chelsea and her fiancee Matt watch a lot of America's Next Top Model and I think it shows.

3) Chelsea and Matt are hilarious and I think that also shows - I laughed so hard at one point I literally had to stop walking and was snorting and tears were rolling down my face. 

4) Chelsea and Matt's wedding is the next time I plan to dance on a table, but no promises I won't do it before then



You're Hired! {West Bloomfield Family Photographer}
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Turtle Street Photography
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I'd like to formally offer this little one a newly-created position here at Turtle Street, available every fall: Chief Leaf Officer. Primary responsibilities include gathering leaves, sharing said leaves with others, and throwing them around :-). Seriously, HOW CUTE IS SHE?! So nice to meet you, M family!

Happy 10th Birthday, Moe! {Ann Arbor Child Photographer}
Monday, October 21, 2019
By Turtle Street Photography
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It is absolutely amazing how far this guy has come in our many years of photographing him. He gained a new sister, and his mom is absolutely ROCKING IT at advocating for him. Not to mention, he took some of his first solo steps a few days ago, and you'll notice we have a picture of him sitting up, solo, unassisted. WAY TO GO, MOE!! 

Moe's family is working on a GoFundMe for a special van, because currently his mom has to do a LOT of heavy lifting to get him in and out of the car. You can donate to that here. We hope you have a wonderful 10th birthday, Moe!


Fun Times Five {Northville MI Family Photographer}
Monday, October 14, 2019
By Turtle Street Photography
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First I want to say, kudos to mama for doing an incredible job coordinating outfits! Never an easy task with 5 people, that's for sure. Second, I want to say kudos to this entire family for being so fun and joyful! It was so great to see you guys again and meet your new additions :-).

The Lincolns, Once Again, in All Their Fabulousness {Royal Oak MI Family Photographer}
Thursday, October 03, 2019
By Turtle Street Photography
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We are delighted to present, once again, The Lincolns. Witness them picking apples, effortlessly nailing this photo shoot like the pros they are. Witness their perfectly coordinated wardrobe choices, their flawless smiles, their abundant personalities. We are so glad they chose us over nine (!!!) years ago and can't wait to see what they come up with next year ... and let me publicly announce that next year for their tenth anniversary, the photo shoot is on us :-). We love ya, Lincolns!