In Praise of Summer Photo Sessions {Metro Detroit Portrait Photographer}
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 6:01AM
By Turtle Street Photography
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Every year, Michigan photographers experience a huge rush of business in the fall. IT'S CHAOS! Everyone wants those gorgeous leaves in their photos, and who wouldn’t? They’re amazing, and one of the highlights of living in our state.

 But we’ve gotta speak out on behalf of fall’s less flamboyant seasonal siblings: spring and summer. If you’re thinking about booking a fall shoot – or if you ONLY book fall shoots – we offer the following thoughts for your consideration:

  1. Because spring and summer are less chaotic for us (and probably you, too – fall sports, anyone?), you have a much better selection of dates/times for your session. Not to mention we can shoot all the way into the evening because there is more daylight, and if we need to reschedule, we won’t have to push back to a date with potentially worse weather (November, I’m looking at you).
  2. Speaking of evening, that warm, glowy light that makes everyone look like a million bucks? We can’t get it in the fall. We can get pretty light, and flattering light, but there’s something about a spring/summer sunset that autumn, for all its glory, simply cannot duplicate.
  3. Warmer temps! ‘Nuff said. No more red, runny noses. Or having to bundle up like eskimos. According to, the average temp on October 23rd, at the peak of fall color, is 50 degrees. True story.
  4. The three Bs: Beaches, bonfires, and boats! We love them, and we love to capture you enjoying them. And speaking of beaches…we are always available for destination shoots and may even waive your mileage fee if I can turn the trip into a “momcation.” For real! Please book well in advance to ensure we can swing it.

Convinced? Use the contact page above to set up your lovely, warm, glowy spring/summer session – we’re now booking through August 2016!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes {Metro Detroit Portrait Photographer}
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 5:43AM
By Turtle Street Photography
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Maybe you’ve noticed we're changing things up around here? New blog, for starters, and we're in love with it because it showcases our work MUCH better than the old site (peep that new logo, too – designed by our friend Lysa at Demby and Soloman).

We also now offer two packages, just like when we started out. The difference this time is that you get everything: all the images we select from your shoot as a digital negative, plus a 4x6 print of each. Now you don't have to leave behind images you love. You don't have to find time to get prints made for your desk at work. You don't have to worry about placing your order in time. It's easy and relaxed...and even better, it costs less. Whaaaaat?!

That's right, less. With our 2015 pricing, a shoot for a repeat customer with a family of four + 15-20 digital files cost over $600. With our 2016 pricing, a smaller shoot for a family of four with 15+ digital files costs $455 ($425 + $30 for the fourth person). And not only does the $455 include the shoot + digital files like before, it now also includes a 4x6 print of every image. A full session with 40+ digital files would cost a repeat customer with a family of four $775 in 2015– this year it costs $750 as a classic session, plus you get 4x6 prints and an image box for safekeeping.

This new structure lets us offer smaller sessions year-round, so we don't have to cram them into a single day…a day that may not work for your busy schedule. If you just want a quick milestone shoot for your kids, it costs less than a shoot for your entire family. And the deposit is similar to before - around $200 - so no worries about having to front all the money as soon as you book. 

Is it crazy to charge less? The answer is no, because we suspect it's easier for you...but it's also easier for us. To budget time away from the kids and the number of shoots we schedule. To allow all the work Mark does during the editing process to come alive on your walls - you'll get all the artwork we want you to have, nothing will be "wasted." You’ll walk away with something tangible and lasting from the shoot, regardless of technology. It's simply easier. For everyone.

We’re loving this change, and we truly believe it works great for the majority of our clients. Whenever we can simplify, let’s do it. Life is complicated enough as it is!

On a side note...we're booking through August 2016 and would love to get you in front of our lens!


Awesome {Royal Oak Baby and Child Photographer}
Saturday, April 23, 2016 9:47AM
By Turtle Street Photography
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You KNOW we loves us some Lincoln family! The cutest, most well-behaved, most awesome kids. The end :-). I paid special attention to Ms. Meredith, who is 9 months old now - I love how she was like "ready for my audition to be a baby model, I'm gonna rock this thing. Kthanx." ALWAYS a pleasure, guys! 

So Much Fun! {Royal Oak Family Photographer}
Friday, April 22, 2016 9:14PM
By Turtle Street Photography
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What a great way to kick of 2016 busy season! This was our third time photographing this family, and each time they're even better than the last. So many great smiles, cute kiddos, their gorgeous house, lots of laughs...pretty much perfection! Thanks so much, T Family!